Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith


Three days of excellent Trooping at the Excel Centre for Celebration Euorpe. It was PACKED, it was hot, it was busy, and I'd have paid off my mortgage by now if I got £1 for every photo taken of me. Here are some pics, more to come.

Click to enlarge.

Keeping order in the corridors

Nothing like an underarm tickle with a T-21...

We are actually resting our feet on some dude we "arrested" here :D

The Sandy Squad

Si gives a talk about Sandy armour at CE

"Take a decent photo Sir or I'll arrest you..."

A photographer wanted some shots with the Rozzers - pics by Heathcliff O'Malley

This one was in The Telegraph

Here they are in The Sun

The Sun again

Extreme close-up time

"Got any chocolate, kid?"

Rebel Scum!

"Scuse me where is Docking Bay 94??"

Just another day on the Falcon

We've got the best Rebels in Europe!

...and even our own 3PO and R2