Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith

First Troop with the UKG

Getting kitted up

Ready to go out for the first time - eeek!

Our spotter leads us to the rest of the Squad (I'm right at the back)

First I arrested Princess Leia

Then I seached some bags (the victim was off-screen being arrested)

I'm on the left enjoying TK-Boot Camp

They did very well with the pushups

I had to do the foot-on-bum

I'm on the left again

We kept an eye on the local Police

Foot on bum again!

Our spotter Andrina fell foul of us

This is "Candyman" actor Tony Todd

And this is APONE from "Aliens!!"

Ladies this is why you need to come to Memorabilia

Finally "Branded" with the UKG insignia