Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith


For invaluable advice and help sourcing parts for your pack, join the forums. Here are the pics of my backpack build, which utilised special vacuformed pieces, a toilet cistern, and vintage Tupperware!

  • Mortar tube: 2.5" x 34" black PVC pipe (just take your thermal detonator plate along and match the curve to it) with white thermal detonator end caps
  • White radar dish at end of mortar tube: The push-button lid from a Tupperware jug (eBay)
  • Radio Fascia, tool box and black round cup tops: from Mike, I don't think he does them any more though.
  • Base boxes from SethB on MEPD, these are the screen accurate seed trays and cost me about £30 inc postage. Or use cat litter trays but they won't be accurate. Size should be approx 14.5"L x 8" W x 4.5/8"H
  • Bee stinger: I used a small round desktop bin I found at The Range, and matched a plant pot tray to the top of it for the lid. I'm swapping it though for an American faucet frost cover which is oval in shape and more accurate. The long bit that sticks out the bee stinger is a nozzle from one of those putty gun things.
  • The two cups are wet wipes containers, these will fit Mike's cup tops perfectly. If you don't buy Mike's cup tops, search eBay for "Tupperware dessert bowls" or "Tupperware desseert cups" and just cut off the neck bit, spray and fit. They may be slightly smaller than Mikes though and not fit as good. Photo of the bowls HERE.
  • The bellows are Tupperware burger stackers also from eBay but you need the rounded top for them that joins to the toilet cistern, again Mike used to make these, not sure about now. Click HERE to see a pic of the unmodified stackers.
  • Finally you need one of these toilet cisterns, butcher it and glue it to the burger stacker. One of the guys on has produced a great combined cistern and burger stacker, which needs a lot less modifying and work to get it right - you will have to register with to view the forum thread HERE. And the thread on how to modify it is HERE.
  • Use Humbrol Sea Blue (47) to paint the bee stinger and two cups. Steve thinned the paint down a bit before using it, as you can only buy it in tiny pots!
  • Nathan Smith of the UK Garrison has sculpted a super radio faceplate, see it HERE. He is also working on the cistern and the rouded cup "toppers" too. Contact him thru his website at and see his pack build webpage here. His Sandtrooper parts price list and details are here.

For invaluable Storm/Sandtrooper supplies, is what you seek. Scroll down to see my field pack build.

Click the thumbnail below to see a super reference shot of the Sandy field pack radio.

List of ingredients!


How the cup lids are fastened

An old loo cistern gives its life for my backpack

This is a vintage Tupperware burger stacker, with a cup lid attached to the bottom

A bit of Milliput works wonders

And hey presto, loo cistern now an intake manifold and bellows!

US Army Alice backpack frame on the left, base boxes, bee stinger and cups sprayed blue

This is a weedkiller spray gun that is being butchered to make the exhaust port box

More progress pics coming soon.....

The finished box - all bumps milliputted out

Bits ready to assemble. Note the "exhaust pipe" which is 1" pvc pipe with various rubber rings and a metal screw clamp arranged on the end.

To fasten the bellows to the base box we put a large tie-wrap round the bellows....

Then threaded a narrower tie wrap through the fat tie wrap and through holes in the base box

Two screws were put through the round part of the toilet cistern and through into the box. Solid as a rock now!

Exhause port detail

Need to fasten base boxes together then mount onto frame.

Cistern mounted to base boxes with a smaller tie wrap slotted through a larger tie wrap that circled the hamburger press. Cistern also held in place with screws

Balsa "lip", hot glue then filler stuck the base boxes together. This method turned out to be a bit crap, so instead, small holes were drilled around the box and small cable ties were used to hold the box together.

Bee stinger lid tie-wrapped to main body

Side view showing placement on Alice pack frame

The 5 small cylinders on right side are 3.5" sections of 1" PVC pipe

The finished pack!!! All it needs now is weathering.