Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith


17th January 08 - My Proton Pack arrived from the States, but received a few knocks in transit :( It was also inspected by Customs and the bag of aluminium knobs for the gun are missing since they opened it :@. It needs a lot of work still, then attaching to the motherboard, which seems to have got lost in transit - thanks to Canada Post - ARGH!!!!

No Cyclotron lenses and the bumper needs repainting

This was fixed on very shoddily and naturally, fell off...

This was glued in tattily too

And this crack appeared probably cos of the mail handlers chucking it around

Hollow gun waiting for a light kit

11-4-08 - I made these Cyclotron LED holders from 3mm red tinted perspex - the holders will glue to the inner of the pack to cover the Cyclotron holes, and the LEDs cradle in the smaller section.

18-4-08 - Here they are fitted in place with No More Nails (ignore the crappy long bolt!)


The inside of the pack was so uneven it made fitting mounting brackets a nightmare

As you can see it's not gonna sit straight...

....but a bit of Milliput soon
solved that

The gun hatch was barely held on, the bolts went down into nearly nothing so I've had to No More Nails & Milliput the nuts into place then will alter the hatch holes a little to fit.

Who says a girl's kitchen is only for cooking? ;o)

All done with gun mount FINALLY done

Lit up - finally!