Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith


I recently found this article here written about the 501st Legion. Interesting!

The United Kingdom Garrison (UKG) of the 501st Legion is the foremost Star Wars costuming group in the UK. It is part of the ever growing 501st Legion, which itself, is the largest costuming group the world has ever seen, whether Star Wars related or not.

The 501st UK Garrison was formed by the late Graham Campbell in 1999, and has grown from a small number of members to a very large, organised costuming group. The goal was to be the very best at what we do, and in the UK, this goal has been reached and surpassed.

The UKG’s reputation has grown over the last few years, built on the high standards of costuming, and the dedication to professionalism. Our members take pride in the authenticity of their costumes, and endeavour to stay in character whenever in costume. With the UKG, you are seeing Stormtroopers, Vader, Bounty hunters...Not just people dressed up as them!

This has enabled the 501st UK Garrison to be present at the highest level of Star Wars related events in the UK and further afield. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the Star Wars industry, and have added "colour" to many marketing and promotional activities for Lucasfilm and their companies. However, we also are very proud of our charity work.

As the 501st Legion and their Garrisons are a "zero profit" entity, we do not charge for our appearances. Instead, we ask that a donation is made on our behalf to our nominated charities. Last year (2005), we raised over £30,000 for our charities, which include Children In Need, Make a Wish Foundation and MediCinema. We have supported other, less known charities and funds too, and are pleased to work with them on an ad-hoc basis.

Lucasfilm have been extremely gracious in allowing us to operate using their Intellectual Property in order to raise funds for our communities and charities. It allows us to enjoy this hobby to it’s full extent, whilst raising money for worthy causes.