Sandtrooper TD-2441 Rachel Smith


Many people think a Sandtrooper is just a Stormtrooper with dirty armour. Not so!! Read the Wookiepedia definition HERE.

See the differences between Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper armour HERE. There are quite a few differences in armour that I guess only a true film nerd will spot. To better understand these differences, one needs to understand WHY they are different. Doing so takes us back to March 22, 1976, when principal photography for Star Wars began. Filming began in Tozeur, Tunisia which was the location where many of the Tattooine scenes were filmed, including most of the sandtrooper scenes. Although stormtroopers are the first to be seen on screen, Sandtroopers were the first to be created and filmed.

Pauldrons denote rank and come in three colours only (although some US troopers wear colour variations). Orange = Squad Leader, Black = Enlisted, White = Sergeant.

Sandtroopers are the only ones who can wear pauldrons - a Stormtrooper in a pauldron is wrong!!! Unless you're not bothered about movie accuracy in which case hey, paint your armour pink and go have fun.....

Sandies are also the only ones who can carry T-21 blasters - again, if you are being movie accurate. Stormtroopers can carry DLT-19s and E11s but we Sandies have the awesome T-21!

On the left is a Sandtrooper, on the right is a Stormtrooper. As you can see - the differences are more than just dirt!!